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"The Halloween Swordsman" Handmade Cement Figurine (Standing)

"The Halloween Swordsman" Handmade Cement Figurine (Standing)

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Introducing the "Halloween Swordsman" (standing)," a striking handcrafted cement figurine in spooky gray that exudes an aura of mystery and danger. With its dimensions of 11.4 cm tall, 6.4 cm wide, and 5 cm deep, this figurine is a captivating addition to our exclusive Halloween collection.

Each "Halloween Swordsman" (Standing) figurine is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship. The use of cement as the primary material gives the figurine a rugged and weathered appearance, evoking a sense of ancient power and supernatural strength.

The spooky gray color palette chosen for this figurine perfectly complements its eerie theme. Its subtle shade of gray is enhanced by hand-painted accents that add depth and dimension to the piece. The result is a hauntingly beautiful figurine that captures the imagination and brings an air of foreboding to any Halloween display.

* This piece coordinates with our Halloween collection.

* Approximate size: 11.4 cm in height, 6.4 cm in width, and  5cm in depth

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