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Spooky Gray, Handmade, Cement, Decorative Tray

Spooky Gray, Handmade, Cement, Decorative Tray

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Spooky Gray, 7" by 4" Oval, Cement Decorative Tray

 Introducing a hauntingly beautiful addition to our Halloween collection, the handcrafted spooky gray cement oval decorative tray. This mesmerizing tray embodies the spirit of the season, infusing your home with an eerie charm while providing a functional and stylish platform for your Halloween décor.

 Carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this oval tray measures seven inches in length and four inches in width. Its unique shape adds a touch of intrigue and mystery to any space, making it a perfect centerpiece for your Halloween-themed gatherings and celebrations.

 The tray is lovingly handcrafted from high-quality cement, meticulously shaped and finished with a Spooky Gray hue. The gray color palette exudes an air of mystery and darkness, perfectly capturing the essence of the Halloween season.

 Designed to be both decorative and practical, this tray serves as a versatile organizer for your Halloween-themed trinkets, candy, or small decor items. Whether displayed on a haunted mantle, eerie dining table, or witchy altar, this tray adds a chillingly elegant touch to your spooky arrangements.

 Each tray is uniquely crafted, showcasing slight variations in texture and color, adding to its handcrafted appeal. The surface of the tray is smooth with a slight gloss, providing a subtle contrast to the ghoulish gray shade.

 Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of Halloween with the handcrafted Spooky Gray cement oval decorative tray. Let its eerie beauty and functional design become a focal point in your haunted abode, setting the stage for a truly bewitching experience. Elevate your Halloween décor with this artisan-crafted tray, showcasing your love for the season and attention to detail that will leave your guests spellbound.

* This piece coordinates with our 3 oz., "Night At The Haunted Fairgrounds" natural soy candle and Halloween collection.

* Every piece is handcrafted by our artisan here at 4 to 7 co.

* Stand NOT included.
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