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Metallic Chocolate Brown Swirled, Handmade, Cement, Decorative Tray

Metallic Chocolate Brown Swirled, Handmade, Cement, Decorative Tray

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Metallic Chocolate Brown, Swirled, 7" by 4" Oval, Cement Decorative Tray

 Introducing a captivating work of art, the handcrafted metallic chocolate brown swirled cement oval decorative tray. This exquisite tray combines beauty and functionality, serving as a stunning addition for your home while providing a practical solution for organizing and displaying your favorite items.

 Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this oval tray measures seven inches in length and four inches in width. Its unique shape adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, making it a versatile accent piece that complements a range of interior styles.

 The tray is expertly handcrafted from premium quality cement, ensuring durability and stability. The choice of cement as the base material lends a sense of timelessness and strength to the design, while its smooth surface serves as a canvas for the mesmerizing metallic chocolate brown swirls.

 Beyond its decorative appeal, this tray is designed with functionality in mind. It serves as a versatile organizer, providing a stylish platform for your trinkets, jewelry, or small décor items. Whether displayed on a vanity, coffee table, or dresser, this tray adds a touch of sophistication while keeping your belongings neatly arranged.

* This piece coordinates with our 7 oz., deluxe "Her Sweater" natural soy candle.

* Every piece is handcrafted by our artisan here at 4 to 7 co.

* Stand NOT included.
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