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Metallic Black Swirled, Handmade, Cement Coaster

Metallic Black Swirled, Handmade, Cement Coaster

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Metallic Black, Swirled, 4 Inch, Round, Cement Coaster

Introducing a magnificent handcrafted masterpiece, the metallic black swirled cement coaster. This exquisite coaster is a true testament to the marriage of artistry and functionality, designed to elevate your home décor while protecting your surfaces in the most elegant manner.

The captivating beauty of this coaster lies in its mesmerizing metallic black swirls that gracefully dance across its surface. Every swirl of color creates a unique pattern, ensuring that no two coasters are alike. The metallic black hue lends a touch of sophistication and glamour, effortlessly catching the light and adding a luxurious flair to any setting.

Elevate your home décor with the metallic black swirled cement coaster – a true symbol of creativity, craftsmanship, and timeless beauty.

* This piece coordinates with our 7 oz., deluxe "His Hoodie" natural soy candle.

* Every piece is handcrafted by our artisan here at 4 to 7 co.

* Stand NOT included.
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