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The "Christmas Nativity Bust", Handmade, Cement, Figurine

The "Christmas Nativity Bust", Handmade, Cement, Figurine

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 Introducing the cherished "Christmas Nativity Bust" – a handcrafted cement figurine that beautifully captures the essence of the holy nativity scene. This exquisite piece features the beloved figures of Mary, Joseph, and the precious baby Jesus, creating a timeless representation of the Christmas story.

 The figurine showcases Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus in a harmonious composition. Mary's serene expression and Joseph's protective gaze convey a sense of awe and adoration, while the baby Jesus, nestled in Mary's arms, emanates innocence and divine grace.

 This nativity bust serves as a cherished reminder of the true meaning of Christmas. Its compact size allows for versatile display options, whether placed on a mantel, adorning a prayer altar, or as the centerpiece of a nativity scene. The handcrafted nature of the figurine ensures that each piece is unique, making it a treasured heirloom to be passed down through generations.

* This piece coordinates with our "Precious Gifts" Christmas collection.

* Approximate size: 3 1/2" in height, 2 1/2" in width, and 2 1/4 in depth

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